A genus of bacteria closely related to Leptothrix and found in fresh water; S. natans grows a thick biofilm mat in sulfite-containing water, especially that drained from paper mills.
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En cultivo, se encontro Thiothrix, bacterias oxidantes del azufre y Sphaerotilus (Figura 2).
But this process is foiled by filamentous microbes such as Sphaerotilus natans, which grow long tentacles that suspend sludge and impede settling.
A relacao proposta pelos autores (Isoterma Logistica de Langmuir Sensitiva ao pH--modelo ILLSpH, Equacao (2)) gerou excelentes resultados na descricao da adsorcao monocomponente dos ions cadmio e cobre pela bacteria Sphaerotilus natans.
2002) utilizaram o modelo ILLSpH para representar os dados de equilibrio de biossorcao de cobre e cadmio pela biomassa da bacteria Sphaerotilus natans nos mesmos valores de pH avaliados no presente trabalho.
Jenkis; Growth Kinetics of Sphaerotilus natans and a flocforming in pure and dual continuous culture, Journal of the Water Pollution Control Federation: 56(1), 41-51 (1984).
Batie Creek was marked by a strong sewage odor and the presence of Sphaerotilus, a filamentous fungus associated with sewage.
Some bacteriophages have a broad host spectrum that taxonomically includes very distant species, such as Sphaerotilus natans, E.
Gallionella, Sphaerotilus and others (Langmuir 1997).
By counting the abundance of four benthic macroinvertebrate taxa and determining the extent of growth of the sewage fungus Sphaerotilus, three distinct categories of impact were identified.
Indicator species include red-eared turtles and mullet and a gray-colored filamentous bacteria, Sphaerotilus.