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However, taking into consideration the similarity in spectral resolution and the width of the spectral band between QuickBird and IKONOS sensors, the ability of QuickBird data to discriminate seabed morphology in the shallow coastal region is comparable to IKONOS data.
RASE expressed as a percentage, it characterizes the average performance of the method in the direct difference of pan-sharpened and original MS images on each spectral band considered.
It is seen that hogweed areas are speckled and characterized by a large variance of pixel values in visualized spectral bands.
After defining the spectral bands of interest, the next step is to optimize images with the precise spectral bands of interest for an application.
In our study, continuum removal was used to identify spectral bands and ranges sensitive to different aphid damage levels.
Loadings spectrum of the first principal component (PC1) includes spectral bands of kaolinite only: stretching bands of inner-surface hydroxyl groups (3695 [cm.
The values of the normalised differential vegetation index were computed based on the ten Landsat TM images acquired between July 2009 and August 2011, using the visible red (B3) and the near infrared (B4) spectral bands.
Therefore, the objective of this study was to investigate laboratory and in situ VNIR spectral signatures for the estimation of SOM, P, and K through ANN models, by exploiting the presumed potential of ANN to overcome the inherent problem of high cross-channel correlations among spectral bands of soils.
Some spectrometers cover only a few spectral bands, others cover hundreds.
SPOT XS images have better spectral resolution since these images are acquired with three narrower spectral bands.
Scanners on the newer GOES provide more data than older instruments because they have better spatial resolution and collect information in more spectral bands.

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