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n peripheral condition involved at the inception of the illness. See also precipitating factor, biopathography, etiology, and pathogenesis.
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To match and complement your special occasion outfit, Marianne's offers a beautiful collection of matching shoes and handbags and the essential special occasion hat.
Special occasion collections by Ian Stuart, Condici and John Charles are very popular and begin to arrive in-store each December with mid season collections arriving in May.
30, while their special occasion makeup is worth PS139.
Niche retailer offering unique looks that Department stores don't offer at prices designers can't sell for Crazy maintained margins, very profitable, Woman's special occasion dress boutique High traffic mall location, does not advertise.
With the party and wedding season coming up, everyone deserves to look gorgeous and feel sexy this summer and I can't wait for my dresses, jumpsuits and playsuits to be available to every girl shopping for that special occasion.
CLINTON -- Area shoppers can welcome the new year with style by shopping at Celes' Special Occasion Dresses, now open at 126 High St.
Summary: As Emiratis and expatriates marked the UAE's 40th National Day, Khaleej Times caught up with a cross-section of young Emiratis to know their thoughts on this special occasion.
Sharing Mountain Recipes: The Muffin Lady's Everyday Favorites" by Randi Levin (aka The Muffin Lady) showcases a compendium of nutritious, delicious, and thoroughly 'kitchen cook friendly' recipes of easily prepared dishes ranging from breakfast favorites to special occasion treats.
It's great and surprising, because we as Americans have historically had some trouble breaking the champagne tradition, and the marketing campaigns for sparkling beverages are constantly telling us that it's for a special occasion," he says.
Despite 20 years of focusing on the top end of the market and "foregoing the chance to attract main weekly shoppers," M&S came only joint top of the special occasion foods category with Tesco.
A gesture to someone nearby and a glance at someone close can be subtler yet stronger than when dispatched across a distance--as they were on this special occasion celebrating the acquisition of the Graham archive by the Library of Congress.
Nineteen per cent don't wear specs for a romantic evening at home, and 24 per cent give them a miss for a date or a special occasion like a wedding.

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