Space Ship

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A regional term for a glass pipe used to smoke crack cocaine
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In addition to the Space Ship and telescope show, a wide range of other activities and programmes is being held at Katara as part of its Ramadan Festival.
Read the full report: China space ship manufacturing industry, 2014 http://www.
The space ship, which is about the same size as an executive jet, will carry six passengers and two pilots.
com/research/63101c/china_space_ship_m) has announced the addition of the "China space ship manufacturing industry, 2010" report to their offering.
History was made when the Philae robotic space ship.
There is reportedly a large fallen Star Destroyer space ship in the background while the two actors make their way to a station.
There was a cordoned off area on the playground with chalk outlines on the floor to mark where a space ship had landed and what appeared to be green slime was labelled as an exhibit, with further clues bagged up.
Space ship captain Boyd struts around in a pair of grey pants as life on Earth is wiped out.
SPACE SHIP (John Gosden) JOHN GOSDEN'S Space Ship is a beautifully-bred son of Galileo out of the high-quality American mare Angara.
In 1983, my class was ushered into the Kilmacolm Primary playground by a Space Shuttle - The Final Mission, BBC2, Sunday teacher who saw the value in showing six-year-olds a NASA space ship flying low over his school.
THINK of the 1970 Smash Potato advert where little tin Alien Men are looking down on Earth from a space ship, or look at it on You Tube searching 'Smash Advert''.
Having made sure that all burning was extinguished and the offending space ship was confined to the bin we retired to the house, to bed and to sleep.
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