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M.E., 20th-century British biologist. See: Southern blot analysis.
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It should be observed that the northern species and forms found in the southern parts of the southern hemisphere, and on the mountain-ranges of the intertropical regions, are not arctic, but belong to the northern temperate zones.
Thus, as I believe, a considerable number of plants, a few terrestrial animals, and some marine productions, migrated during the Glacial period from the northern and southern temperate zones into the intertropical regions, and some even crossed the equator.
We see, however, a few southern vegetable forms on the mountains of Borneo and Abyssinia.
I am far from supposing that all difficulties are removed on the view here given in regard to the range and affinities of the allied species which live in the northern and southern temperate zones and on the mountains of the intertropical regions.
But the existence of several quite distinct species, belonging to genera exclusively confined to the south, at these and other distant points of the southern hemisphere, is, on my theory of descent with modification, a far more remarkable case of difficulty.
I talked with a boy at Tuskegee who had made such a study as this, and I could not keep from contrasting his knowledge and enthusiasm with what I heard in a class room at a Negro university in one of the Southern cities, which is conducted on the idea that a college course will save the soul.
As the Negro becomes economically independent, he becomes a responsible part of the Southern life; and the whites so recognize him.
Washington has won the gratitude of all thoughtful Southern white men, is to say that he has worked with the highest practical wisdom at a large constructive task; for no plan for the up-building of the freedman could succeed that ran counter to Southern opinion.
China Southern, KLM and Sichuan Airlines, in which China Southern holds a minority stake, announced an expanded codeshare agreement covering nine China Southern or Sichuan flights from Chengdu and Beijing, 10 KLM services from Amsterdam Schiphol and all flights between AMS and PEK.
He won his fourth Mission League title, finished fifth at the Southern Section Coast Division finals and third at the Masters Meet.
Initially, Southern Baptists, like other Protestant denominations and mission boards, relied on the work of paid solicitors called colporteurs to raise funds.
Yet this is the premise of Jonathan Daniel Wells's provocative new study The Origins of the Southern Middle Class, 1800-1861.

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