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the countries of the Balkan Peninsula, which include Romania, Bulgaria, and Yugoslavia.
Balkan frame - metal frame above a bed which provides for limb suspension, named for the Balkan wars, 1908-1913.
Balkan nephrectomy
Balkan nephritis - chronic progressive nephritis seen predominantly in Balkan countries.
Balkan nephropathy - interstitial nephritis occurring in the Balkan countries.
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The Client : Don Don is one of the leading industrial bakeries in south-eastern Europe.
The demand for funding of projects in the field of sustainable energy remains high in South-Eastern Europe, where the effects of the financial crisis still affect bank lending, the bank said.
Demand for sustainable energy financing also remains high in south-eastern Europe where the impact of the financial crisis still affects bank lending.
A similar Joint Action - featuring the same dates - was agreed for the Special Co-ordinator of the Stability Pact for South-Eastern Europe, Erhard Busek.
The President of the European Investment Bank, Werner Hoyer, commented: The programme has made a huge contribution to the overall financing of the countries of central and south-eastern Europe and to many hundreds of projects which are crucial to the strengthening and transformation of their economies.
Towards this end, they will compare notes with other Stability Pact for South-Eastern Europe members involved in the eEurope initiative (Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey).
The EBRD is supporting the expansion and intensification of Axereal s activities in the agribusiness sector of central and south-eastern Europe.
Croatian trade union visits BrusselsMeanwhile, both the President of the Union of Autonomous Trade Unions of Croatia, Davor Djuric, and the General Secretary of the European Trade Union Confederation, Emilio Gabaglio, have upheld the Stability Pact for South-Eastern Europe as a "valuable instrument, closely linked to the process of European Integration".
During the two-day meeting, parliamentarians from SEECP member states discussed and adopted the Report and the Resolution on the possibilities of economic cooperation of the countries of South-Eastern Europe.
Enhancing the knowledge and skills of criminal justice practitioners from South-Eastern Europe in live data forensics was the focus of a one-week training course hosted by the OSCE from 26 February to 2 March 2018 at the Albanian Security Academy in Tirana.
Native to the woodlands of south-eastern Europe, they will do best in sunshine, perhaps under deciduous trees.
A study of the TPA company conducted in 11 countries in central and south-eastern Europe used annual gross salary to compare the labour costs in three categories of salary levels.

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