Jean Pierre, French hematologist, 1915-1985. See: Bernard-Soulier disease, Bernard-Soulier syndrome.
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En le surnommant le Maestro, le fameux soulier d'or du XXe siecle, le portugais Eusebio, a cree une legende dans l'Histoire du football au Maroc.
42) The Advocate-General's Opinion in Soulier, delivered in 2016, (43) is clear--while efforts to re-commercialise and make unavailable works accessible are legitimate and noble objectives, the provisions of the InfoSoc Directive are clear: the rights of reproduction and communication under EU copyright law require prior express consent before they are exploited.
Like any witness, he is being asked what he knew," lawyer Andre Soulier said, adding that the questioning "will not be followed by any obligation to appear in court, any opening of a judicial investigation or any indictment".
Grace a ses 27 buts, Slimani a egalement termine 8e au classement du Soulier d'or qui recompense le meilleur baroudeur de la saison dans les grands championnats europeens.
76%) patients of ITP and one patient of Bernard Soulier syndrome, a rare case of defect of platelet aggregation, were diagnosed.
Angi Soulier wasn't a fan of vintage trailers before she bought one to rent out as a way to diversify her income.
Andre Soulier, president of the French league's legal commission, asked the French Football Federation on Tuesday to obtain a "clear and firm" position from FIFA.
En estas lineas aparecen sus protagonistas, por un lado, Raul Soulier, el que sobresale antes de que los habitantes se enfrentaran al fuerte golpe del abandono y, por el otro lado, la esposa de Soulier, Luisa, quien estara en la tragedia que envuelve a las habitantes del lugar.
Tambien pueden utilizar las tecnologias de la informacion y las comunicaciones (TIC) para facilitar la interaccion, incluso a traves de foros, correoelectronico, listasdecorreo (Benghozi, Bitouzet, Soulier, & Zacklad, 2001).
We condemn this intimidation," said Camille Soulier, who heads RSF's Americas desk.
Frederic Soulier, managing director of Citroen Motors Ireland, said, 'Citroen is delighted to win two of the debut APMP awards - including the top LCV accolade.
The patient also had normal platelet morphology ruling out Bernard Soulier Syndrome and normal Ristocetin low assay confirmed Glanzmann Thrombasthenia (ruling out Von Wille-Brand Disease,).