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J.F., 20th-century U.S. pediatrician. See: Sotos syndrome.


A gene on chromosome 5q35 that encodes a protein that  enhances androgen receptor transactivation, especially in the presence of other androgen receptor-associated coregulators. NSD1 acts as a nucleus-localised, basic transcriptional factor and as a bifunctional transcriptional regulator.

Molecular pathology
NSD1 mutations cause Sotos syndrome and Weaver syndrome, as well as a form of childhood acute myeloid leukaemia with a cryptic translocation, with breakpoints occurring within nuclear receptor-binding Su-var, enhancer of zeste, trithorax domain protein 1 on chromosome 5 and nucleoporin 98-kD on chromosome 11.
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Robert Soto, an 18-year Army National Guard veteran who lives in Palmdale, Calif, broke his ankle while on duty in Afghanistan in January 2007.
My family is ecstatic that I'm here," said Soto during his time with Warriors@work in the Los Angeles area.
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Therefore, sleep apnea might explain why Taft--who weighed less and had an exemplary record in public service before and after his 4 years in the White House--is seen by many historians as a blunderer while president, Sotos says.
To cover up their mistakes, they turned on the Sotos, and after a lengthy legal battle, they took the boy, crying, from the couple's home in June.
The victims of this outrage extend beyond Harry and the Sotos.
But the vindication brings little satisfaction for the Sotos, who have little chance of getting Harry back.
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The department decided to put Harry up for adoption, and DCFS's adoption unit contacted the Sotos in May.