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(sô-rā′nəs) fl. second century ad.
Greek physician. A leader of the school of physicians known as methodists, he wrote important works on midwifery and women's diseases.
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Ovid had been dead for a century when Soranus produced Gynaecology.
Rickets has been described as early as sec- ond century AD in Roman children when Soranus of Ephesus wrote about it in his book 'A Treatise on the Diseases of Women'.
Another ancient Greek, Soranus of Ephesus, believed that mania and melancholia were two distinct diseases with similiar prodromal symptoms and which required similiar treatments (2).
Soranus of Ephesus (13) (turn of the 1st century AD) left us an extensive contribution on diseases of women, but there is no description of breast cancer in his surviving works.
100, de la familia de la famosa matrona Scribonia Attice, adornado con dos altorelieves en terracota, elaborados hacia el ano 140, uno de los cuales muestra a Scribonia durante la atencion de un parto, con la gestante sentada en una silla disenada para tal fin, con una ayudante detras como recomendaba el medico griego Soranus de Efesus, reconocido como el mas influyente experto en obstetricia de la epoca, autor del libro Gynaeciorum.
In his influential text, Gynaecology, Greek physician Soranus advises of tempting women with luscious foods and body massages to heighten their sexual desire, stimulate orgasm and facilitate conception.
Soranus of Ephesus practised in Alexandria and Rome around the time of the emperors Trajan and Hadrian (98-138 AD), and wrote a popular text on gynaecology, which included a section on the care of babies.
100 Greek gynecologist Soranus recommends that women hold their breath and jump backward seven times after sex to prevent pregnancy.
He discusses the opinions of many of the writers of standard texts: Theophrastus, Hippocrates, Diascorides, Nicander, Soranus, Criton and Galen.
The five collective dedications (made by kastellani Ansi) are important in establishing the preference of the group: the gods adored by the Illyrian community structured according to the model of ethnic collegia are Silvanus and Diana, Janus Geminus, Soranus, Minerva, while Neptunus features in most dedications and is invoked under a unique name.
Guvernatorul Iunius Soranus i-a trimis moastele Sfantului Sava Gotul, inecat in apa Buzaului, sub persecutia regelui got Athanaric, in 372.
From the fifteenth century, Italian, German, English, and French physicians followed the example of Soranus, a Hellenistic Greek whose Gynecology (trans.