gamma-hydroxybutyric acid

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γ-hydroxybutyric acid

Central nervous system depressant causing relaxation, loss of muscle tone and reduced inhibitions. Effects are enhanced when mixed with alcohol. Previously sold in health food stores as a performance-enhancing drug until banned by the FDA in 1990. Sometimes vernacularly termed date rape drug.
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Some of the street names for GHB are Grievous Bodily Harm, Liquid G, Liquid Ecstasy, Somatomax, Cherry Meth, Easy Lay and Gamma 10.
GHB, sexual assault drug, date rape drug, grievous bodily harm, easy lay, gook, gamma 10, liquid X, liquid E, liquid G, Georgia home boy, soap, scoop, salty water, somatomax, GG-riffick, cherry meth, fantasy, organic quaalude, nature's quaalude, zonked
GHB Overview Chemical Gamma-Hydroxybutyric Acid Street Names Cherry Menth, Easy Lay, Gamma 10, GBH, Georgia Home Boy, GHB, G-Juice, Great Hormones, Grievous Bodily Harm, G-Riffick, Liquid E, Liquid X, Salty Water, Scoop, Soap, Somatomax, Vita-G Appearance Colorless, odorless, slightly salty liquid or white powder Administration Oral ingestion Cost $5-$20 per dose (capful or ounce)