adult stem cell

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multipotent adult progenitor cell

stem cells isolated from marrow of postnatal people.
Synonym(s): adult stem cell

Adult Stem Cell

An undifferentiated cell, first identified in bone marrow, but found everywhere in the body after embryonic development, which divides to replenish dead, dying or damaged cells.
Adult stem cell features
(1) Self-renewal, while maintaining stem cell features.
(2) Multipotency (ability to differentiate into any cell in a particular tissue).

adult stem cell

A precursor cell that can also give rise to identical precursor cells: daughters of a stem cell can develop into a terminally-differentiated cell type or they can remain a stem cell. Adult stem cells are found in many tissues, such as bone marrow, brain, retina, skin, intestines, liver, testis, and pancreas.
Synonym: somatic stem cell See: embryonic stem cell
See also: cell
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Stelic anticipates that business opportunities will expand dramatically in future as a result of both the Company's core strategy of patenting somatic stem cell therapeutic concepts derived from the application of research on the previously unknown dynamics of somatic stem cells, as well as the filing of numerous patent applications in a wide range of related fields.
a Tokyo-based bioventure company specializing in regenerative medicine, has carried out groundbreaking research on the dynamics of somatic stem cells in vivo, filing nine patent applications related to stem cell research and other areas since the Company's establishment in November 2004.
Somatic stem cells do not face such hurdles and have realistic clinical applications; however, in comparison with ES cells, their proliferation and differentiation are difficult to regulate.
They found that nearly half of the germline stem cells were gone and the somatic stem cells appeared to be occupying that space.
The somatic stem cells almost look like they've invaded the niche area," says Melanie Issigonis, a graduate student in the Biochemistry, Cellular, and Molecular Biology graduate program at Johns Hopkins.
ViaCell's Senior Vice President, Research and Development, stated, "We believe that unrestricted somatic stem cells from human umbilical cord blood have a great potential for the treatment of cardiovascular disease.
entitled, "Cell Transplantation Improves Ventricular Function After a Myocardial Infarction: A Pre-Clinical Study of Human Unrestricted Somatic Stem Cells in a Porcine Model" and full publication are available online at http://www.
Kourion's proprietary technology is based on unique somatic stem cells in cord blood, and includes their ex-vivo expansion and cell differentiation into specific tissue for the regeneration of cardiac, neuronal, hepatic and bone tissues.