waste management

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waste man·age·ment

(wāst manăj-mĕnt)
Administration of activities that provide safe collection, transport, processing, recycling or disposal of potentially hazardous waste products (i.e. needles, tissue specimens).

waste management,

n protocol for the safe disposal of waste products, such as needles, tissue specimens, and instruments used in dental procedures.
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Essex County municipalities pay a solid waste disposal fee, or "tipping fee," to dispose of their municipal garbage at the Essex County Resource Recovery Facility, which is owned by the Port Authority.
It is time for the Legislature to take a more modern and responsible position on solid waste disposal, create standards that are more clear and uniform and protect individual towns from carrying the burden of a problem that is statewide in nature.
Subsection (e) of section 68-211-835, provides: "In order to encourage regional use of solid waste disposal facilities or incinerators, a county that is host to a solid waste disposal facility or incinerator used by other counties in the same region formed pursuant to this part may impose a surcharge on municipal solid waste received at any such solid waste disposal facility or incinerator by resolution of its county legislative bodies in the region.
Municipal solid waste disposal is the most immediate and urgent concern to both the public and elected officials.
Solid waste disposal refers to means acceptable to Federal, State, and local authorities.
com/research/7v2rfr/china_solid_waste) has announced the addition of the "China Solid Waste Disposal Industry Report, 2012" report to their offering.
Two bids were received from companies vying for a contract to provide solid waste disposal services for New Hanover County.
KARACHI, April 28, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Chief Secretary Sindh Fazlur Rehman has emphasized upon undertaking immediate measure for solid waste disposal management specifically within the premises of SITE Karachi, Industrial areas of Korangi, Landhi, F.
The creation of the Eagle Mountain Landfill is a myopic solution to our solid waste disposal problems.
Section 142(a) lists the categories of exempt facility bonds, which includes bonds for solid waste disposal facilities under section 142(a)(6).
The Craighead County Solid Waste Disposal Authority will add about I million cubic yards to its landfill.

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