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A gene on chromosome 17p13 that encodes alpha-2-antiplasmin, a serine protease inhibitor (serpin). SERPINF2 inhibits plasmin, which degrades fibrin and other proteins, and thus plays a cental role in regulating coagulation.

Molecular pathology
SERPINF2 mutations result in alpha-2-plasmin inhibitor deficiency, which is characterised by severe haemorrhagic diathesis.


Abbreviation for active pharmaceutical ingredient.
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323 Software Interface highlights a commitment to migrating carriers to next-generation networks while protecting investments in existing networks, whether PSTN or H.
The required information is then entered into the Newton via AllPen's customized software interface.
Enea will work with other SA Forum members to develop and implement standard hardware and software interfaces for high-availability management services that foster multi-vendor interoperability and enhance portability.
For ease of connection to the PROFIBUS device, the BradCommunications SST(TM) CommDTM software interface is included with every BradCommunications PROFIBUS USB adapter.
The creation of a common and standard software interface will make it easier to manage and operate service bureaus, manufacturing centers, print centers, and offices that use multiple products and systems.
The software interface is designed to be intuitive for users, with a straightforward navigation system that allows for faster access to accurate information, calculations and design tools to help improve decision making.
For example, IT staff who prefer to use Microsoft Terminal Services using RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), or VNC (Virtual Network Computing) to connect to servers can do so through the DSView 3 software interface.
The Verbs are the set of primitives that provides the RDMA hardware to software interface for an RNIC.

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