Soft Target

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A military term referring to unarmoured/undefended non-military target—e.g., a city or industrial region targeted for destruction. Soft targets can generally be overcome from any direction with typical ordnance in use by line units.
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This will enable high throughput screening of soft targets such as vehicles, people and their personal effects.
Sources further indicate that these personalities fall in the category of soft targets because they have insufficient security and move freely in the city without proper security.
Trading Standards officers in his hometown of Hartlepool said he had become a soft target and his details sold on what scammers call a suckers list.
Another is to say the enclaves are so secure that in order to get into the soft target you're going to have to pass through extraordinary security.
AQAP, the Yemen-based terrorist group, is expected to go after soft targets in the United States while al Qaida remains fixated in higher profile operations similar to the 9/11 attacks.
Security will be tight at Games venues but the thousands at 18 public viewing sites across the UK may be seen as soft targets.
Conversely, some bullets (such as hunting rounds, hollow-point, and other bullets) work well against soft targets but can't penetrate harder barriers.
Provides consistent and improved effects against soft targets and in close quarters battle
We need to send the message, we are not soft targets.
Insurgents, weakened in the past year, have changed tactics in recent months and focused their efforts on high-profile attacks on "hard" targets such as government buildings, rather than so-called soft targets in civilian areas.
The truth is that they would not like to upset angry Hindus with big knives and would rather attack soft targets in Britain.
These types of soft targets are deemed vulnerable and requiring special attention.