soda lime

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so·da lime

a mixture of calcium and sodium hydroxides used to absorb carbon dioxide in situations in which rebreathing occurs; for example, in basal determinations or in certain types of anesthesia circuits.

soda lime (SL)

a mixture of sodium and calcium hydroxides used to absorb exhaled carbon dioxide in an anesthesia rebreathing system. Soda-lime glass beads are used in air-fluidized beds.

soda lime

A white granular substance consisting of a mixture of calcium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide, or both. It is used to absorb carbon dioxide and as an absorbing compound in anesthesia.
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sodium carbonate.

baking soda
sodium bicarbonate.
soda lime
a mixture of 90% calcium hydroxide, 5% sodium hydroxide, 5% silica and water, used to absorb carbon dioxide from the exhaled air in a closed circuit anesthetic system. See also baralime.