A state of individual willingness to engage in sexual activity without having emotional ties to the sex partner
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Studies premised on a sociosexuality perspective have shown one of the key problems a feminine man might face: the perception that he might not be able to meet the sexual needs of his female partner.
We also wanted to control for any effects on sexual satisfaction of gender, sociosexuality, and relationship duration given the research described below.
As hypothesized, although the absence of pubic hair was rated as most arousing overall (especially among higher sociosexuality scorers), men's greater comfort with a female partner's sterility predicted greater arousal in response to the most expansive female pubic hair patterns.
Finally, this could also be an example of a third-variable phenomenon where an additional factor like greater erotophilia or sociosexuality could relate to a greater likelihood of experiencing an FWBR oneself and to having more positive views about others' sexual behaviours.
In a longitudinal study of US university students, Sprecher, Treger, and Sakaluk (2013) found that compared to females, males continued to hold more permissive sexual attitudes, particularly about sex in casual relationships, endorsed the sexual double standard, and had an unrestricted sociosexuality.
Sociosexuality was found to significantly predict genital arousal to partner familiarity for male and female sexual targets, and predicted genital arousal to relationship commitment where the sexual actor was male, but for women only.
The extent of individual's sociosexuality and how well partners match each other on this dimension could be related to how comfortable or uncomfortable they may be with the non-committed nature of FWBRs, and how likely they are to maintain this original lack of commitment.
Erotophilic individuals also are more willing to be exposed to unsolicited sexually explicit material on the Internet (Shim, Lee, & Paul, 2007) and to evidence greater levels of sociosexuality, i.