Social Monogamy

A relationship between two people who live together, are each other’s exclusive sexual partners, and cooperate in acquiring basic needs such as food, clothes, and shelter
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Both teams investigated the evolution of social monogamy, which researchers define as males and females living in breeding pairs.
Social monogamy is normal for birds but rare in mammals.
Instead, Clutton-Brock and Lukas found that in nearly every case, solitary females came before social monogamy.
These four cases of social polygyny may represent a successful mating alternative to social monogamy, but more likely are only unusual opportunistic behaviors.
In our culture, social monogamy is often assumed to be synonymous with sexual monogamy.
First, on page 8 we are reminded that one of the benefits of social monogamy is 'that two parent birds are able to raise and protect the young birds'.
In 1981, he proposed that they were descendants of a new kind of primate built for what he calls social monogamy.
SIMULATING SEXES Ten years after Lovejoy set forth the idea of social monogamy among australopithecines, evidence continued to pile up supporting a substantial size difference between males and females.
Where polygyny does occur in birds, it is generally in only a subset of a population, with most individuals exhibiting social monogamy (Secunda and Sherry 1991, Ford 1996).