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Marshall L., U.S. microbiologist, 1907-1969. See: Snyder test.
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Of his eight children, Snyder has four kids from his first marriage and two from his second relationship with Kirsten Elin, although the pair never got married.
The film is a brief (52 minutes) composition of black-and-white film footage and photos, smatterings of conversation between Snyder and Harrison, conversation around the dinner table with others, Snyder reading some of his better known poems, and reminiscences by Joanne Kyger, Michael McClure, Jack Shoemaker, with critical statements by Scott Slovic.
Both quotes come from Fugitive Pieces, a 1997 novel by poet Ann Michaels about a Holocaust survivor--an allusion that suggests an unlikely affinity between Snyder and Anselm Kiefer.
The cells act as both firefighters and construction workers, says Snyder.
Moreover, "reverse osmosis membranes are not infallible," says Snyder.
Thanatology leads Snyder to examine the ars moriendi of King Lear and the inevitable death that claims the major characters and propels the play to its inexorable conclusion.
Snyder, a 17-year veteran who operated on wounded troops during the Gulf War and also deployed to northern Kuwait during Operation Iraqi Freedom, said the first EMU deployment was to Djibouti, Africa, in September.
Snyder designed and implemented NIPAD, which was conceived and is funded by the Pew Charitable Trusts.
Snyder, Ohio's largest independent brewer, bought a controlling interest in publicly traded Frederick Brewing for about $2.
The author of fourteen books, Gary Snyder is one of our most respected living writers.
Snyder will remain a separate company operating within HRC.