Winter Storm

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A storm—wind speed between 48 and 55 knots—accompanied by freezing or near-freezing precipitation—snow, ice or sleet
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When the snow storm abated a moment we looked again.
Hecla in a snow storm, -- landlord, stop whittling.
The latter spent most of his time out at soak in pale-green snow storms, busy with a nickel-plated revolver, rescuing aged strangers from villains.
Maggie lost herself in sympathy with the wanderers swooning in snow storms beneath happy-hued church windows.
When anybody died in the pale-green snow storms, the gallery mourned.
The winter passed by in the ordinary manner in which other winters pass in this climate, being a mixture of mild, delightful days, clear sky, and invigorating sun, and of intense, cold, raw winds, and snow storms.
Uluday-, one of the western Turkey's biggest winter resort, was hit by heavy snow storm which continued during the night.
Chopper crashes: An Air Force helicopter flying during a snow storm over the Darband area in the north of the capital crashed last Thursday, killing all three men on board.
Washington, February2(BNA) The violent Great Plains winter storm hit Chicago before heading to New England which is still reeling under the impact of snow storm.
Not all snow storms are blizzards, and some like Juno can be a snow storm in one part of the country and a blizzard in another.
Similarly, Etihad Airways' flight EY103 from Abu Dhabi to New York on 27 January 2015 has been cancelled due to a heavy snow storm in the Northeast.
Ensour said the meeting was not confined to only the snow storm, but was rather an exercise about assessing the performance of state agencies in times of crises of any kind and not just during inclement weather conditions.