Winter Storm

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A storm—wind speed between 48 and 55 knots—accompanied by freezing or near-freezing precipitation—snow, ice or sleet
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The latter spent most of his time out at soak in pale-green snow storms, busy with a nickel-plated revolver, rescuing aged strangers from villains.
Maggie lost herself in sympathy with the wanderers swooning in snow storms beneath happy-hued church windows.
When anybody died in the pale-green snow storms, the gallery mourned.
The winter passed by in the ordinary manner in which other winters pass in this climate, being a mixture of mild, delightful days, clear sky, and invigorating sun, and of intense, cold, raw winds, and snow storms.
Summary: Bitterly cold weather gripped parts of Europe causing travel chaos Monday, and a rare snow storm in Rome prompted Italian authorities to call in the army to help clear the streets.
MOSCOW, Feb 5 (KUNA) -- A fierce snow storm has whipped the Russian capital and other cities causing power outage and paralyzing air navigation and forcing students to remain at home.
Before that, snow was last seen in Ain Sefra on February 18, 1979, when the snow storm lasted just half an hour.
Winter Storm Alert/ #UAE nationals on East Coast of #US , stay tuned to local weather alerts on upcoming snow storm.
We are clearly made of much sterner stuff than the Brummies, proved during our fiercest snow storm this week, when I found myself outside a local supermarket.
As the heat and moisture rises into the air mass, instability is created, leading it to freeze and then condense before being deposited as a snow storm.
Snow storm heading to Huddersfield - Met Office issues severe weather warning Drivers warned with up to 10cm set to fall on higher ground 2.
Turkish Airlines and Pegasus canceled more than 250 flights scheduled for Friday due to the snow storm at AtatE-rk and Sabiha GE[micro]kcen airports.