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A regional term for PCP
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In fact, YouTube has removed all of the condom snorting videos for violating its terms of service, including the video by YouTube user "Savannah Strong" that got the most recent attention where she snorts condoms while Taylor Swift's "22" plays in the background.
Deer can produce different types of snorts depending on the situation.
The grinning star of MTV prank show Dirty Sanchez snorts up two lines of powder from his fold-down meal tray.
The cost of the lie is minimal to the male; he merely snorts.
Finally, the Snort Wheezer[TM] produces challenging snorts and snort/sniffs for aggressive calling during the peak rut.
Bono snorts salt to aid his singing voice, a fellow singer has revealed.
Once there, he commandeers an upstairs bathroom the size of a New York subway station, snorts approximately a ton of cocaine and - between rueful remembrances of the relationship's good times and bad - wails his angst at assorted revelers who pop in for a smoke, a line or to use the facilities.
Use it to make various grunts, including tending grunts, as well as dominant snorts and challenging wheezes (M.