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noun Osculation
verb To touch or caress with the lips as an expression of affection, greeting, respect, or amorousness
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He said no, but admitted he'd snogged quite a few blokes.
He is nearly 17 and asked me out, but I had to turn him down because he thinks I have snogged loads of boys, when I haven't even tried it with anyone.
I snogged his face off but it didn't go any further, definitely not.
BIG BROTHER'S Orlaith and Craig put on some dodgy disco moves and snogged after a boozy night in the house.
IF Nikki knew she'd snogged someone who hadn't showered for two days she'd be as disgusted as I am.
SEXY Orlaith snogged half her housemates during a Big Brother skinny-dipping session.
Xander was really nervous - he'd only snogged Caroline Quentin on screen before.
ONE in 10 Brits claims to have snogged up to 150 people during their lives.
I didn't snog a pupil, he snogged me," insisted White, who was in her second year at a secondary school in Castleford, West Yorks.
During their two-minute love loft sessions, Roberto flirted with sworn enemy Kemal, who had surrounded himself with condoms, and Anthony snogged Makosi who kissed Sam.
I like snogging, but now I have a big problem because last week I snogged another girl and she was a really good kisser and I really liked it.
Afterwards Jude and co left looking worse for wear - while Sienna even snogged a mystery girl at the back of a taxi.