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Hermann, Dutch ophthalmologist, 1834-1908. See: Snellen sign, Snellen test types.
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After the first intravitreal injection, patient 2's Snellen BCVA improved from 20/100 to 20/25, the intraretinal cysts seen on OCT shrank, and a reduction in the juxtafoveal telangiectatic structures was observed on FA.
Present study was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of different doses of egg parasitoid Trichogramma chilonis (Ishii) for management of sugarcane stem borer Chilo infuscatellus Snellen (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae).
Each row contains five letters, reducing the concerns about letter memorisation that occurred with low vision patients, or non-uniform crowding when assessing amblyopic patients using the Snellen chart.
Best corrected visual acuity was measured using Snellen acuity test in meters which was then converted to logarithm of minimal angle of resolution (Log MAR) using visual acuity converter software.
Immediately prior to chiropractic examination and treatment, visual acuity was assessed by one of two investigators, both chiropractic interns, using a Snellen eye chart.
Excecao foi feita com aqueles idosos que apresentaram apenas alteracoes as provas oculo-motoras, mas que apresentavam grande reducao da acuidade visual bilateral, detectada por exame de triagem com a Escala de Sinais de Snellen, com deteccao de Acuidade visual inferior a 0,1.
20,21) These authors, however, used different measures and cutoffs for visual impairment (< 20/63 Snellen acuity).
Segun lo anterior, la aplicacion de la prueba piloto tuvo como objetivo evaluar el nivel de estandarizacion de las pruebas HOTV, Snellen y ETDRS para vision lejana, en ninos de 5 a 15 anos, examinados en la Clinica de Optometria de la Universidad de La Salle.
11] While Snellen visual acuity is limited in its description of visual function, surgery usually achieves stability in an otherwise progressive condition.
Ignas Snellen of Leiden Observatory in the Netherlands and colleagues analyzed the planet's spectrum.
Vision should be tested using a Snellen chart in suspected corneal ulcer.