Small bowel obstruction

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Small bowel obstruction; SBO

An obstruction of the small intestine that prevents the free passage of material; sometimes caused by postoperative adhesions.
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Surgical exploration is mandated in the presence of instability or other indications, such as associated small bowel obstruction or ischemia of the small bowel.
Lewis JH, Esophageal and small bowel obstruction from guar gum-containing 'diet pills': Analysis of 26 cases reported in the Food and Drug Administration.
The small bowel feces sign has traditionally been seen in small bowel obstruction.
The study revealed that within two years of initial surgery, up to 17 percent of Medicare patients were readmitted with a diagnosis of small bowel obstruction.
Also demonstrated was a >2cm gallstone within the caecum, along with four smaller stones within the terminal ileum, and features of small bowel obstruction.
On day 5, abdomen pain worsened, repeat CT scan of abdomen showed small bowel obstruction and midgut volvulus.
Adhesions are associated with numerous postoperative complications, including difficult reoperations, small bowel obstruction, and chronic pain.
We suggest that individually, each ball had little difficulty entering the small bowel, but due to magnetism, were able to coalesce and act as a large foreign body, causing small bowel obstruction and perforation This unique case highlights the dangers of ingested magnetic foreign bodies in a different way to previous reported cases of multiple magnets causing pressure necrosis by magnetic attraction across different sections of bowel.
Small bowel obstruction (SBO) accounts for 20% of surgical admissions for acute abdominal pain.
Seprafilm is designed to reduce the formation of postoperative adhesions, internal scars that can cause serious health problems, including chronic pain, small bowel obstruction, infertility in women, and complications in subsequent surgeries.
We present a rare case of gastric outlet obstruction caused by intramural haematoma as a complication of warfarin therapy and there are hardly any case reports in the literature of gastric outlet obstruction with same etiology although cases of small bowel obstruction have been reported.