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n massage technique that uses the flat palms of the hands percussively; a form of tapotement. See also tapotement.
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It covers buying a bass and amplifier, practicing, and nontraditional techniques such as slap bass, tapping, and muting.
Unleashing their "inner hillbillies" Mattea and her drum-less three-piece band, featuring fiddle player Eamonn O'Rourke, guitarist Bill Cooley and slap bass player David Spiker, delivered an energetic version of another traditional coal song Blue Diamond Mines.
Extreme @ Newport Centre, Newport, Thursday: Hairsprayed funk metallers, huge in the early 90s with wet ballad MoreThan Words, bring their slap bass noise to the 'Port.
Armed with just a slap bass and mountainous drum kit, the band raced through a neat set of funky jams inspired by the likes of The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Alan Parsons.
But she also plays a big, stand-up slap bass, which lends a tough, rockabilly punch to arrangements whose eclectic influences include honky tonk, lounge and even a little mystic Celtic.
Clad in an eye-catching combination of black leather and sequins, Holly's voice is still a mighty weapon as it soars its way through early Frankie songs like Warriors of the Wasteland and Welcome to the Pleasuredome with the latter's slap bass inciting the first of many outbreaks of spontaneous dancing.
Bullishly confident second album from Seth Lakeman's slap bass supremo, Ben Nicholls.
The track Undisclosed is an electronic song where I'm not playing anything, while ChrisWolstenholme is playing slap bass.
MARTHA AND THE MUFFINS Danseparc (Cherry) RELEASED ahead of the 80s Echo Beach band's reunion set, this 25th anniversary edition pretty much sums up the musical landscape into which it was first released - twangy slap bass, synth doodles, clipped guitar, tricksy drums and white soul vocals.
It's a sub-Hot Chocolate slice of ersatz supermarket soul, with the kind of slap bass and synthetic horn sound that's usually found being played on cruise ships by men wearing epaulettes and cummerbunds who should know better.