skull fracture

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skull frac·ture

a break of the cranium resulting from trauma.

skull fracture

A fracture of the bony skull, either:
(1) Compound skull fracture, in which there may be communication between the brain and the external environment; or
(2) Expressed skull fracture, in which parts of the of brain extrude from the fracture fragments.

skull fracture

Orthopedics A fracture of one or more cranial bones, caused by MVAs, falls, assault, sports, occupational accidents and other forms of blunt trauma Clinical Headache, bleeding from wounds and orifices, loss of consciousness, confusion, seizures, restless, drowsiness, visual defects, slurred speech, N&V, stiff neck. See Fracture.

skull fracture,

n a rupture or break in the cranial bones.
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Ben Gilkes, 25, also dropped the boy on his head from waist height, causing multiple skull fractures.
Growing skull fractures have been reported in humans for many years, usually resulting from injury to the soft skull during the rapid growth period of an infant's life.
Khulood Al-Najjar, 36, suffered multiple skull fractures and a shattered eye socket.
Noncontrast CT has a sensitivity and specificity for detecting skull fractures of 71% and 95%, respectively.
WASHINGTON, April 29, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Most children with isolated skull fractures may not need to stay in the hospital, which finding has the potential to save the health care system millions of dollars a year ("Isolated Skull Fractures: Trends in Management in U.
A CARER feared he would die in a brutal pub attack that left him with 18 skull fractures and a titanium plate in his jaw.
BUMBO is to add a safety restraint to its popular baby seats following reports of injuries including skull fractures, it said.
Dr Abdul Wahid Mohammad Al Wahdawi, Deputy Technical Director at Al Qasimi Hospital, said the victim had skull fractures.
The trauma protocol at our institution requires all patients with depressed skull fractures to undergo an acute CT brain scan, irrespective of their GCS scores.
When her body was removed from the bath, she was found to have suffered skull fractures and brain injuries.
6) Growing skull fractures are a rare complication of linear skull fractures and occur almost exclusively in children less than three years of age.
PC Parkes, who suffered multiple skull fractures, a fractured eye socket and a fracture cheekbone, said: "I would like to thank my partner Tom, my family, friends, colleagues and the gay community for the support they have given me over the last few weeks.