circumstantial homosexuality

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circumstantial homosexuality

Sexuality The practice of homosexual acts when there are no opportunities for heterosexual activity–eg, adolescents in detention centers, in correctional facilities–prisons, and residential treatment centers, ±accompanied by sadism and sexual exploitation. See Sadism. Cf Latent homosexuality.

cir·cum·stan·tial ho·mo·sex·u·al·i·ty

(sĕr'kŭm-stan'shăl hō'mō-seks'shū-al'i-tē)
Sexual contact between members of the same sex due to absence of the opposite sex (e.g., military, prison) rather than desire or predisposition.
Synonym(s): situational homosexuality, transient homosexuality.
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It is important, however, to understand the contexts and conditions that give rise to situational homosexuality.
In other words, at least some inmates, because of the unisex environment, engaged in situational homosexuality.
Situational homosexuality in mining camps is noted, but, surprisingly, the adventures of anthropologist Colin Turnbull among the Mbuti Pygmies (the subject of a recent biography) are not mentioned.

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