acceptance testing

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ac·cept·ance test·ing

(ak-septăns testing)
Procedure of testing equipment or processes to ensure that they function within acceptable limits.
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With the successful Site Acceptance Test, we are ready to implement space-based ADS-B data as soon as it begins transmitting, and that will further enhance our safety and surveillance capability in Irish-controlled airspace.
Bidder should submit Purchase Order copies/ Site Acceptance Test (SAT) reports evidencing the same.
Commissioning of the BESS * BESS Training for PEC personnel * Factory acceptance test or site acceptance test * ERCOT testing The BESS shall have the ability to be monitored remotely by PEC and Supplier with the appropriate security firewall.
Raytheon Company (NYSE:RTNA, RTNB) has successfully completed on schedule the Site Acceptance Test of the Beijing Expansion system, which will double the number of radar controller positions in the Beijing air traffic control center.
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 30, 2017-EDM simulators for Cathay Pacific pass site acceptance tests
Further service and support provided by Motorola Solutions and Flash Services Netherlands include project management, engineering, factory and site acceptance tests (FAT, SAT) as well as coverage testing and documentation.
The employees, who worked in Alaska's frigid temperatures to conduct the site acceptance tests, spoke highly of everyone who assisted with the final stage of the process.
The second system, which will equip the lead F-l25 ship in the class, the Baden-Wurttemberg, will be delivered by August Site acceptance tests will be performed during the first half of 2015, after which the radar will be cleared for service.
The firm says it can arrange local training for installation and maintenance groups and it can make FAT tests before delivery under customers' supervision and local site acceptance tests (SAT).
5 million plant is currently undergoing site acceptance tests, which are necessary for a plant of that size.
Lot 1 includes: - studies (including on-site surveys) allowing the characterization of effluents (confirmation of the composition and effluent flows) and the design of the proposed facilities, - the supply of equipment for the proposed installation, - the provision of all documentation, - factory and site acceptance tests, - all means necessary for carrying out on-site industrial tests, - technical assistance for technical and operational qualification tests, - training of operators and maintenance technicians, - management of the project relating to lot 1 (including key points and reviews), - the accomplishment of the associated regulatory controls.
All the equipment has been shipped to site and Yokogawa Middle East and Yokogawa Saudi Arabia are currently involved in the installation of the equipment and supporting the ongoing site acceptance tests (Sat).