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Osborne, English physicist, 1842-1912. See: Reynolds number.
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He told the court: "He has nothing against Sir Joshua Reynolds or Samuel Johnson, the subject of the painting.
From left, ``Sarah Siddons as the Tragic Muse'' by Sir Joshua Reynolds, a portrait by Thomas Gainsborough and ``Sarah Siddons With the Emblems of Tragedy'' by Sir William Beechley are on display at the J.
He added: "Paintings by Sir Joshua Reynolds are in public and private collections all over the world.
Author Miles Wynn Cato focuses on Parry's son, portrait painter William Parry, a pupil of Sir Joshua Reynolds.
Their aim was to go beyond 'the moribund academic principles that had dominated Western art since the Renaissance' and to eschew the Royal Academy, Sir Joshua Reynolds and Rubens whilst praising the earlier works by Memling, Giotto or Van Eyck.
A painting by Sir Joshua Reynolds portrays one of these opponents, the blissfully forgotten James Beattie, holding the book of his that allegedly demolished Hume's arguments, and accompanied by a winged spirit shown vanquishing three enemies of truth: Hume, Gibbon, and Voltaire.
Expressing the ecstasy of early summer, one flies as it runs, its belly on a bell, another holds a drum, and a third, Nijinsky Hare (1996), dances in anarchic partnership with Alfred Drury's balletic statue of Sir Joshua Reynolds.
A painting titled Dr Johnson at the Cheshire Cheese is an 18th century scene showing the literary critic and lexicographer conversing with the leading figures of the day including Sir Joshua Reynolds and Anglo-Irish statesman Edmund Burke.
The others in the set are former prime minister Sir Winston Churchill, painter Sir Joshua Reynolds, poet T.