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John H., 20th-century U.S. physician. See: Sipple syndrome.
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Sipple and Wands will report directly to Reynolds at their respective firms.
Collegiality at work enhances teacher commitment (Riehl & Sipple, 1996).
There is strong evidence illustrating the relation between student achievement and proximal and wider social-economic contextual influences (Rumberger, 2011; Sipple, 2007).
For investors, working with the established hoteliers is "a shorter trip to the cash register than building new," said William Sipple, managing director at Denver-based HVS Capital Corp, which consults on Caribbean hotel purchases.
A selection from a poem written by one-time resident John Sipple recalled his memories of a time long past.
Evans, Jun Yoo y Sipple (2010) usan una muestra similar de la misma ciudad y encuentran que si bien los estudiantes que asisten a colegios en mal estado tienen desempenos mas pobres en pruebas de lenguaje, estos resultados tambien dependen altamente del tiempo de permanencia de los estudiantes en la sede y de sus caracteristicas socioeconomicas.
WF: Most of the TTB staff I knew are gone now (my true mentor Perky Ramroth has retired), but I can recommend Amber Sipple with the NRC office in Cincinnati, Ohio.
What used to take days or weeks for a consultant to pull together, you can do in 10 seconds," says John Sipple, the center's director.
Members of the board to fill vacancies of the Class of 2015 are Sheila O'Keeffe, Gen Re; Joseph Rich, Liberty Mutual; and Michelle Sipple, AIG.
Teacher commitment has also been found to be associated with principal leadership, school climate, and working conditions (Chan, Lau, Nie, Lim, & Hogan, 2008; Horng, 2009; Ladd, 2011; Loeb, Darling-Hammond, & Luczak, 2005; Riehl & Sipple, 1996; Rosenholtz, 1985; Rosenholtz & Simpson, 1990; Weiss, 1999).
Self-reported benefits have included the perception of constructive rather than negative feedback, the preservation of nuance with contextualization of feedback, the ability to hear tone of voice, and a perception that the teacher cares about the student (lee, Curtis, Phillips, & Wells, 2007; Sipple & Sommers, 2005; Still, 2006).
Sipple se convirtio en figura de conocimiento publico cuando frustro un intento de asesinato al presidente Gerald Ford en los Estados Unidos.