ENT A resorbable nasal packing for after sinus surgery Pros No need to remove postoperative packing, which may be painful and cause rebleeding. See Nasal packing.

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Q. I have been having chronic pain in sinus area and behind my eyes, been to ENT who states it is not infection? I wake up with the pain and go to sleep in severe pain. Its all day and all night. Dr insists that its migraine related and allergy related. I have chronic postnasal drainage. It started 4 months ago when I moved into our new house. The pain makes me extremely fatigue and dizzy at times. I have been referred to the eye doctor, a headache specialist and an allergy specialist. Just recently I have had a CT scan and an MRI, as well as xrays of my sinus. Nothing other than a deviated septum and possible allergies from an ENT has been diagnosed. In the mean time I am waiting for the days to come when I can get into see these specialist. Anyone out there have any of the same symptoms?? Need help here. Soooooo sick of the pain.

A. i have chronic sinusitis and can really relate to what you describe. learned to live with the pain...but still, i use various ways to reduce inflammation in my sinuses, i heat the place up before going to sleep, try to avoid eating or drinking cold stuff.
another thing i do is i heat water (80c) then add a special oil i bought in a chinese medicine store , about 5 drops, and inhale the fumes. nettle tea can do wonders too.

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In a recent series of patients treated at three sites in Toronto, SinuSeal controlled intra-operative bleeding in 100 percent of 29 application sites in 18 patients following functional endoscopic sinus surgeries (FESS).
SinuSeal however, is bioresorbed and consequently does not require removal.
The application of SinuSeal quickly controlled both active and passive bleeding and eliminated the need to insert conventional nasal packing into the operative field, sparing the patients pain, nasal obstruction and the discomfort associated with its removal.