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s filing of an Abbreviated New Drug Application for a generic version of Sinemet CR tablets.
Sinemet CR is a treatment for patients with Parkinson's disease and is distributed by Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.
One of Depomed's formulations in the study extended the median time point at which levodopa blood levels exceeded the efficacious threshold of 300 ng/mL to approximately nine hours, compared to approximately seven hours for the generic version of Sinemet CR tested in the study.
The objective of the study is to compare the pharmacokinetics of two distinct formulations of DM-1992 and a generic version of Sinemet CR sustained-release Levodopa/Carbidopa, as well as the safety and tolerability of the formulations.
Sinemet CR is used to treat patients with Parkinsonism, and is exclusively distributed in the U.