sin tax

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'sin' tax

A popular term for any tax levied on 'pleasure poisons'–eg, alcohol, tobacco. See Alcohol, Smoking.
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It is true that sin taxes are easy to collect, difficult to avoid, and are a lucrative source of income, particularly when demand is inelastic.
Sin taxes are the latest manifestation of a long conversation that harkens to the sumptuary laws of the late medieval period and beyond (Tuchman 1987, 19-21).
Excise taxes, sometimes called sin taxes, are targeted to a product or service.
Increase the progressivity of the federal income tax, and finance Medicare through increased sin taxes, gas taxes, and general revenue.
It is time to put everything -- sales taxes, use taxes, income taxes, severance taxes, sin taxes, property taxes and every kind of tax exemption known to man -- on the table.
The talk of federal cuts come as several states consider raising sin taxes to help trim budget shortfalls.
The general source of funds (figure 3, left) for the reform effort, however, will be derived from a combination of Medicare savings, sin taxes, Medicaid savings, savings from other federal programs, revenue gains, and shifts of current Medicare and Medicaid recipients to coverage under the health alliance plans.
Hence, excluding so-called sin taxes and possibly environmental taxes, increases in taxes can be justified only to finance expenditures that are deemed essential.
Kellner proposed freezing all government spending, instituting a value-added tax on everything except medical, housing and food, taxing import oil and a raising sin taxes.
Taxes of this nature will become the new sin taxes of the 1990s, characterized by regular tax increases targeted at those who are perceived to be inefficient users of scarce resources or excessive polluters.
The Consumer Police and Sin Taxes By David Williams and Sean Kennedy There have always been and will always be some people who believe they know what is best for everyone, so they try to force their will on the rest of society.