Simulator Sickness

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A condition in which a person exhibits symptoms similar to motion sickness caused by playing computer-simulation video games
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In any case, despite technical improvements, the use of immersive devices such as HMDs is still associated with simulator sickness in a larger proportion of people than other less immersive devices.
The more immersive systems must evolve to overcome certain important issues related to their usability, particularly the tendency to produce simulator sickness.
This resulting curve, labeled "Vis-Vest Simulator Sickness," indicates the frequency range in which conflicting visual and inertial motion cues would be likely to evoke simulator/VE sickness.
If conflicting motion cues in the frequency range defined by the "Vis-Vest Simulator Sickness" curve are likely, designers and users may need to consider procedures to alleviate potential simulator/VE sickness, such as those discussed in the section titled Implications for Alleviating Simulator Sickness.
The time course of post flight simulator sickness symptoms.
Effects of image scale and system time delay on simulator sickness in head-coupled virtual environments.
Will simulator sickness slow down the diffusion of virtual environment technology?
The effects of virtual image scale and system delay on simulator sickness within head-coupled virtual environments.
Results showe d that there was no significant difference in the Simulator Sickness Questionnaire (SSQ; Kennedy, Lane, Berbaum, & Lilienthal, 1993) scores between the two groups.
Before VE exposure, all participants completed a preexposure Simulator Sickness Questionnaire (SSQ; Kennedy, Lane, et al.
Simulator sickness is a variant of motion sickness that often results from exposure to simulated environments such as flight simulators, driving simulators, and virtual environments (VEs).
Vection, compensatory sway, and simulator sickness.

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