Silver Alert

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A missing persons tracking system slowly being implemented in the US, which is modelled after the Amber Alert system for missing children. The Silver Alert system—named for seniors’ silver hair—is designed to provide early warning that an elderly person with dementia has gone missing (half of those not found within 24 hours suffer serious injury or death) and provide a means—a radio bracelet—of locating that person
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There is often the silver alert, for the older patient or citizen
One newly implemented US public health policy the Silver Alert (SA) policy--called for development of public media notification programs for quickly locating missing adults.
The data for the first three years in which the North Carolina Silver Alert policy was fully implemented, 2008, 2009 and 2010, were obtained from the North Carolina Department of Crime Control & Public Safety (http://www.
In our example, North Carolina's Silver Alert health policy, this is especially true.
As demonstrated by the case of North Carolina's Silver Alert policy, visual examination of multivariate data (e.
Table 1 Descriptive Summary of Silver Alert (SA) Activated during 2008, 2009 and 2010 in North Carolina, USA Year 2008 2009 2010 Total Mean number of SA 1.
Angela told the Daily Post yesterday: "In Greece when a person goes missing they have a Silver Alert so when there is a TV ad break an alarm sounds and they show a picture of the missing person.
Researchers analyzed 156 records from the Florida Silver Alert program (a public notification system that utilizes television, radio, and digital highway signs to broadcast information about missing persons with dementia and other mental health issues).
Other proposals include creation of a Silver Alert, modeled after the Amber Alert for missing children, that would be used in alerting Bay State communities in cases involving missing and endangered older adults (H 603); and establishment of grants for education programs to reduce the risk of falls by seniors (S 318).
Now, the Alzheimer's Association is stepping up the campaign by rallying advocates for Alzheimer's Advocacy Action Day, Monday, February 2 at the State House to get backing for legislation to create regulations to assure consistent care in Alzheimer special care units in nursing homes, a Silver Alert to protect adults who wander, as well as an Alzheimer's State Plan Commission to produce a set of best practices for those who work with and care for persons with dementia.
Representative Kathi-Anne Reinstein, 16th Suffolk, Chair of Elder Affairs Committee, lead sponsor for the Silver Alert bill.