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With the patient, the laser therapy was used in addition to dilute chlorhexidine soaks, silvadene cream topically, and ceftazidime injections.
Standard care of RadiaPlex gel, Silvadene, and hydrocortisone cream use was allowed.
Silvadene bum cream is great stuff sporting both antimicrobial and anesthetic properties.
Telta Pads and Kerlix Gauze Silvadene Cream Band-Aids Hydrogen Peroxide (it running water is not available)
Postoperative perineal care included conjugated estrogen cream and bacitracin in 34 patients and Silvadene cream in 3 patients, with sitz baths twice daily.
The dressing is used as standard first-line therapy in place of the traditional silvadene antimicrobial cream at the Smith Gate Burn Clinic, the only service in Iraq offering burn care to children.
Additionally, the Iraqi families preferred MEDIHONEY over silvadene -- considered standard of care -- because it was natural and does not need to be changed as often.
The study discovered that the average cost for a traditional Silvadene dressing equated to about $235.
After cleansing, the affected area should be covered with a dressing and a topical antibiotic such as bacitracin, polysporin, or silvadene, which help prevent infection and decrease pain.
These initial results indicated a substantial savings in the time required to heal lesions treated with Collagenase as compared to Silvadene, the standard treatment.