Information Silo

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A stack of data in a specific discipline without cross-talk with other disciplines, such that one discipline may not understand others when using their terminology
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Europe needs to recover the mentality of 1989, when the movement of large numbers of people across borders -- initially, the Hungarian-Austrian frontier -- prompted reform and openness, rather than a silo mentality.
STEM training in middle and high school CTE programs can be improved by eliminating the silo mentality that "science is science" and "math is math," says Paul Asunda, an ACTE presenter from Purdue University who trains future K12 teachers.
While patients are clamouring for this kind of access, Graham said the biggest obstacle is the silo mentality of the medical industry with its regulatory proce4itres and exclusionary business practices.
We need to sweep away our silo mentality and change our corporate culture,' said Mizuho president, Yasuhiro Sato.
The challenge here in the Kingdom with the great array of civil works that are under way, is to ensure that all the different bodies that share part of the responsibility for major projects, work together and avoid the silo mentality that can be devastating in terms of costly delays to important projects.
Refiners have to overcome a host of challenges from cultural issues around silo mentality to logistical concerns including location and the cost of inventory to issues with skills shortages.
Local authorities may be legally bound to produce a plan to anticipate local needs but without a wider perspective of regional development, this surely encourages a silo mentality.
Avoid a silo mentality where politics trumps innovation.
There's a bit of a silo mentality, with everyone working efficiently in their own area but failing to link together.
There was a silo mentality throughout the council, and some directors were not team players and were not receptive to strong member involvement.
A key threat to any management team is the silo mentality.