silica gel

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sil·i·ca gel

a precipitated form of silicic acid, used for adsorption of various gases.

silica gel

a coagulated form of hydrated silica, used as an absorbent of gases and as a dehydrating agent.


silicon dioxide, a compound occurring naturally as quartz and in other forms. A common constituent of urinary calculi in agricultural animals, a rare occurrence in dogs.

silica calculi
see silica urolith.
silica gel
commonly used in the laboratory as a desiccant; has been used topically on dogs and cats for flea control.
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Key initiatives included the launch of Arm & Hammer Vacuum-Free foam carpet deodorizer and Arm & Hammer Crystal Blend scoopable cat litter with silica gel crystals and baking soda for superior deodorization.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Blue indicator type transformer grade Silica Gel crystals of 3-8 mesh size (3 mm 8mm) Packed only in 1.