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Any of a group of highly reactive hydrocarbons containing tetravalent silicon instead of carbon.
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The five silanes employed include TESPT (Zhenjiang Wholemark Fine Chemicals, China); bis-(triethoxysilylpropyl) disulfide (TESPD) (Si-266, Evonik Industries AG, Germany) with sulfur contents of 22.
Performance of the silanes and coatings could be evaluated by monitoring the weight change of coated concrete specimens immersed in corrosive environment.
We have been building the NXT silane technology platform for tyre performance improvement for more than a decade," said Mike Stout, Global Marketing Director, Tyre and Rubber, Momentive Performance Materials.
These investments in manufacturing capacity will enable us to bring innovative silane technologies and products to the industry more quickly and better serve our customers' growing need for these materials," said Rich Owins, global business director-silanes at Momentive.
A short video on sulfur silanes is available at www.
We had to try almost 100 different silanes before after about two years we accidentally stumbled on a particular mixture of two silanes that worked perfectly" he remarked.
Hydrophobic resin-based composites exhibit low water uptake and enhanced durability in aqueous environments [1-38], and the addition of filler surface treated with reactive, hydrophobic silanes is expected to augment these properties [27,28,31].
The company has had limited exposure to the merchant market because it has used most of its silanes internally.
Organofunctional silanes have a long history as additives for adhesion promotion, bonding coatings to a variety of substrates.
Starting at the beginning of 2016, research into silanes will be carried out in modern laboratories in the four-story building.
The basic concept behind the new technology was already known: modifying classic binders with silanes noticeably improves the binder properties.