frequency spectrum

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fre·quen·cy spec·trum

the range of frequencies in a signal, used to describe the resolving power of an imaging system in radiology.
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Gathering reliable information over the whole signal spectrum is at the basis of sound decision making and finally protecting our citizens lives.
Since there are only a few basic atoms in a note signal spectrum, the note-specific atom is sparse.
In this work properly defined DVB-T and LTE signal spectrum masks (Fig.
Frequency Resolution = 1/(1 ns/div x 10 div) = 100 MHz So this FFT could distinguish frequency components in the signal spectrum as close as 100 MHz, but any components closer than 100 MHz apart would merge together and be indistinguishable.
The WFT disadvantage is that the window width remains the same at all signal spectrum harmonics frequencies.
A 2-D signal spectrum is necessary in order to apply a fast raw data simulation method in the 2-D frequency domain.
The multifunctional jammer analyses the signal spectrum around a vehicle and is thus in a position to jam the radio signals intended to ignite a roadside bomb in a much more targeted manner and at an earlier stage than was the case in the past, said a statement from the company.
where v is the wave velocity in concrete and f, is equal to the fundamental frequency of the reflected signal spectrum.
The open-loop recording of radio Doppler and signal spectrum transmitted by the NASA mission were stored on Mars Express and then downloaded to Earth.
The proposed algorithm optimizes the impedance matching of the ports based on the signal spectrum by providing different weightings to balance the channel's frequency response.
Moreover, it can acquire the signal spectrum with an improved DOA estimation spectrum simultaneously without additional computation.