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Part of a group known as sighthounds, Greyhounds are unique dogs in that they have health needs specific to their breed, including issues related to thyroid, excessive bleeding and dental disease.
8220;Unless vets are trained to understand the idiosyncrasies of sighthounds, they may misdiagnose these conditions, leading to other health problems for the dogs and unnecessary expense to owners,” said Dr.
Tai and his breed belong to a class of dogs called "sighthounds," and sighthounds like to chase things the way that rock stars like to break them.
Easier license installation and management with Sighthound accounts
Named for the famed sighthound known for its keen hunting abilities, Taigan.
He also founded and published award-winning publications, including Sighthound Review and Dogs in Review.
All money raised will go to Greyhound Gap, which is a small independent national charity working for the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of sighthounds from the UK.
The Salukis are sighthounds which have historically traveled with caravans and nomadic tribes through the Middle East and Silk Route and have traditionally been bred by Arabs for hunting and racing.
com website, the original dogs of centuries ago were believed to have been a cross between "either a Segugio Italiano (a coursing hound), or sighthounds brought to Italy by Phoenician traders from Egypt, bred to the Asiatic Mastiff, or Molossus.
Like many sighthounds, she loves nothing better than a nice big comfy bed to snooze on.
Nine of the twelve sighthounds will be presented in a Parade of Sighthounds in which a representative from each breed will introduce their dog and do a short narrative on its breed origin and utility.