(sig'ard an'dĕr-sĕn),
Ole, 20th-century Danish clinical biochemist. See: Siggaard-Andersen nomogram.
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In the 1960's, the Siggaard-Andersen nomogram used this value to further explain the extent of the non-respiratory cause of a patient's abnormal pH.
Fogh-Andersen N, Wimberley PD, Thode J, Siggaard-Andersen 0.
2] for a given blood sample at which the Hb is half-saturated, was calculated by the ABL725 software according to the method of Siggaard-Andersen et al.
Ole Siggaard-Andersen, MD, PhD, is professor of clinical biochemistry at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark and is a former chair of the department of clinical biochemistry at Herlev University Hospital.
Siggaard-Andersen O, Wimberley PD, Gothgen I, Siggaard-Andersen M.
The preparation of SulfHb-containing samples was based on principles described by Siggaard-Andersen et al.