Emil, German otologist, 1833-1900. See: Siegle otoscope.
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Siegle and Foster (2001) found that high school students who were given access to multimedia software and who created PowerPoint presentations in an anatomy and physiology course earned higher grades than when they were not given that opportunity.
Linda Siegle, the lobbyist for NMNA, other nursing groups, and others gave her talk on the political process in New Mexico, the importance of political involvement, and how just ONE vote can change outcomes.
William Siegle, AMD Senior Vice President, Technology Operations and Chief Scientist, stated: "AMTC, which builds on our successful past relationship with DuPont Photomasks, is an ideal supplement to our AMD Fab 30 semiconductor facility, and will contribute to further strengthening Dresden as a microelectronics center.
Scoring single goals were Joanna Butler, Marissa Prescott, Katelyn Schroeder and Liberty Siegle.
The following educators received awards at the National Association for Gifted Children's annual meeting in November: Joseph Renzulli, Distinguished Service Award; Del Siegle, Early Leader Award; Jessie Thompson and Melissa Kashy, A.
AMD's leadership in manufacturing technology and outstanding design capabilities helps ensure that this small die will give us even more advantage in the future," said Bill Siegle, senior vice president and chief scientist, Technology Operations, AMD.
Springfield 4, Marshfield 0: Kirsten Able and Liberty Siegle shared the shutout as the Millers (2-4, 1-1) posted their first league win.
Siegle (2001) reported biases that exist when teachers rate student behaviors ("Overcoming Bias in Gifted and Talented Referrals," Gifted Education Communicator, Summer 2001, 32[2], 22-25].
For AMD to continue its upward trajectory, we must sustain our passion for constantly finding new and better ways to do things," said Bill Siegle, chief scientist at AMD.
The Student of the Year award for 2010-11 went to Eli Siegle, a senior at Springfield High.
Linda Siegle, our lobbyist since 1997, described the legislative process: Bill introduced in either House or Senate, then is assigned to one, two or three committees for hearings, the hearings are held with supporters attending and expert witnesses testifying as to why the bill is important for nurses, the profession, patient safety, improved outcomes, etc.
Samples of the award-winning work can be requested through Rhia Siegle at 206/623-1044 or rhias@methodologie.