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com, (703) 390-1538; Sicon: Jan-Erik Lennefalk, Vice President Marketing, Sicon Semiconductor, jan-erik.
The SiCon report indicates this material can substitute at a 1:1 ratio for coal or heavy oil, creating a desirable market for the separated ASR material.
The shredder fibers portion of the SiCon process stream is being targeted for end markets as an incineration sludge additive for the gasification plant energy market.
CONTACT: For more information about the cooperation, please contact: Jan-Erik Lennefalk, VP Marketing, Sicon Semiconductor, jan-erik.
The plant's design is based on a pilot plant set up by SiCon in Willebroek, Belgium, for BST over the previous six years.
BST is also planning to add another SiCon process that will allow it to recycle plastics from electric and electronic scrap, according to SiCon.
The SICON 120A system while recovering virtually all metals from ASR also produces a plastic fraction as a byproduct.
Developer of the Year award is a major achievement for Sicon and reflects the