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Despite the fact that New York, California, and other States made careful investigations of the need for sickness insurance and gave serious consideration to creating such programs between 1918 and 1920, the measure was defeated in every State in which it was raised (Hirshfield, 1970).
The politics of social rights: Studies on the dimensions of sickness insurance in OECD countries, Stockholm: Stockholms Universitet.
These PHS officials viewed NHR as a vehicle that would integrate public health, worker's compensation, disability, and sickness insurance.
It emphasises a mutual obligations approach to sickness insurance.
The regulation to which the prescription drug changes were added seeks to standardize and simplify terms and benefits of Medicare supplement policies; eliminate confusing or misleading language in such policies; and provide full disclosures in the sale of accident and sickness insurance coverage to Medicare-eligible persons.
Yet few people have accident or sickness insurance to compensate them for lost earnings.
Pending the revision of the sickness insurance law, the government has been using emergency federal orders (AFU) to curb the growth of health spending.
The Snapshots report gives an instant overview of the Romanian non-life insurance market and covers Insurance for land vehicles, other than railway rolling stock, Motor third party liability insurance, Insurance against fire and natural forces, Insurance against damage to property, Credit Insurance, General liability insurance, Accident and sickness insurance, Insurance of goods in transit, including merchandise, baggage and any other goods, Touring assistance insurance, Insurance for ships, Aircraft liability insurance, Private Health Insurance, Aircraft insurance, Insurance against financial loss, Suretyship insurance, Liability insurance for ships, Insurance for railway rolling stock and Insurance of legal expenses.
Members of the Regulatory Framework Task Force, an arm of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), agreed recently in New Orleans, at the NAIC's spring meeting, to set up an Accident and Sickness Insurance Minimum Standards Subgroup.
Gharbi outlined the foundations of the social policy in Tunisia, reviewing the ministry's intervention areas, particularly employment, professional relations, social welfare, sickness insurance, promotion of disabled persons, health and industrial safety, as well as Tunisian expatriates.
A home owner suffering a severe skin condition is battling her bank to get sickness insurance to cover her mortgage.