Shrinkage Factor

An adjustment of a performance measure for reliability when analysing differences in outcomes based on the way in which different physicians manage the same type of patient
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The E-200 Series SMC also molds to net shape because it has a zero shrinkage factor, allowing it to withstand high temperature manufacturing and assembly conditions.
The final result taking into account the shrinkage factor - discarding the non-metal components - means the production of around 6.
W is the wet (or uncooked) weight of the food, D is the dry (or cooked) weight, and S is the shrinkage factor.
In the equation, W is the uncooked or wet weight of the food, D is the cooked or dry weight of the food, and S is the shrinkage factor.
In Dr Fisher's equation, W is the uncooked, or "wet" weight of the food, d is the cooked or "dry" weight and s is the shrinkage factor.
The weight of the jersey knit and low levels of after-wash shrinkage factor into its appeal, according to most manufacturers.
During the design stage, special attention is paid to critical dimensions and how closely these may be held, given the shrinkage factor for the material specified.
Taxpayers that presently perform their physical inventories at periods other than at tax year-end may have an opportunity to adjust the year-end perpetual book inventory by a supportable shrinkage factor.
W is the uncooked weight of the food, D the cooked weight, and S the shrinkage factor.
S = shrinkage factor, which is obtained from standard tables