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1. A transposition of sequences in a DNA that does not originate in the DNA but rather in an mRNA that is transcribed back into the genomic DNA by reverse transcription. Synonym(s): retrotransposon
2. A transposable element.
[retro- + L. pono, pp. positum, to place, + -on]


A transposon copied from RNA with the use of reverse transcriptase.


a type of TRANSPOSABLE GENETIC ELEMENT, found in eukaryotic genomes, that utilizes RNA as an intermediate and the enzyme REVERSE TRANSCRIPTASE to transpose. Reverse transcription of the RNA transcripts of the transposon produces a DNA copy that subsequently inserts into the GENOME to effect transposition. Retrotransposons may be degenerate RETROVIRUSES.

retrotransposon, retroposon

a mobile sequence of DNA that transposes via a RNA intermediate.
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