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As shoppers become more web-savvy, they are frequently using shopping bots to guide them through the online shopping process, for purchasing products or simply to research information.
We aren't just animated shopping bots, Underhill argues: Human beings react emotionally to retail environments; we explore, we touch, we read, we interact.
Shopping bots, comparison sites, and on-line auctions like e-bay threaten to drive prices down and kill off mediocre products, changing consumer expectations and behavior in the real world as well as the virtual space.
Recently, some shopping technologies, such as tool bars, browser plug-ins, ewallets and shopping bots, have been known to interfere with the click-through that identifies the affiliate referring a sale or lead, thereby "hijacking" the commissions.
His answer: intelligent agents, shopping bots and machine- readable protocols for web sites.
In order to make the most informed purchase, here are the best sites for everything from shopping bots to coupon codes to free merchandise.
Selected Media Used by Hyper Shoppers to Obtain Shopping Information (Percent of Hyper Shoppers who use it) 1) Search Engines 90% 2) Retailer Web Sites 77% 3) Manufacturer Web Sites 77% 4) Articles in print media 66% 5) Web addresses on products 57% 6) Print ads 54% 7) TV ads 52% 8) Online advertising 40% 9) Online Yellow Pages 37% (10) Online shopping email newsletters 31% (10) Shopping bots or search agents 31% Source: The Dieringer Research Group, Milwaukee www.
Dublish can address how websites will create customer loyalty in an environment of shopping bots that facilitate product comparisons with minimal search costs and effort.
Jupiter Media Metrix recognized the AvenueMe Personal Shopper as one of the top 10 shopping bots during the 2001 holiday shopping season.