Shoe Fetishism

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The attribution of attractive sexual qualities to shoes or other footwear as a matter of sexual preference, psychosexual disorder, or as an alternative or complement to a relationship with a partner
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Turns out, the husband had a shoe fetish and, after they got married, his wife has only been wearing slippers.
Still, it was said that she had one of the most fabulous jewelry collections in town, and she had a shoe fetish.
The Shoe Man had a shoe fetish, and always stole one of his victim's shoes.
I must have a shoe fetish, ws ell, a Beatle boot fetish at the very least.
Restored to their erotic originality are fifteen stories that range from Chinese myths, to Japanese folklore, to European standards from Prince Charming's shoe fetish, to the real story why Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother had a wolf in her bed
If nothing else you would make our editor happy, rumour has it he has a real shoe fetish.
HOLLYWOOD beauty Catherine Zeta-Jones has confessed she has an uncontrollable shoe fetish.
If you have a shoe fetish, you can make little modifications here and there, but generally, you want the attention to stay on the face when conveying a message," she says.
But Cassavetes gives the movie a bittersweet truthfulness that distinguishes it from the pack, allowing Posey the chance to play Nora as not just another bewildered singleton with a shoe fetish but as a woman realizing that happiness and healing can only come from within.
Who wouldn't feel at home in a part of the city that plays host to storefronts emblazoned with the legends AUNT JAMAICA BAKE PRODUCTS, JESUS TACO/TWIN DONUT, SHOE FETISH, and GHOST TATTOO?
Her business began as a result of a shoe fetish and a dream one night that eventually led her to quit her $65,000-a-year job of 11 years at Northern Trust Bank in Chicago.
Don't forget the new Westlife album Face To Face is now in the shops - and going by Kian's confession I think he might need a few quid for his shoe fetish.