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Henry C., U.S. biochemist, 1875-1955. See: Sherman unit, Sherman-Bourquin unit of vitamin B2, Sherman-Munsell unit.
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In this surreal scene, Sherman again exposes that being involves an interaction among a variety of worlds, including personal, social, quotidian, historic, spiritual, and even supernatural.
Any firm transportation inquiries regarding Enterprise's Sherman Extension and assignments of firm transportation of Enterprise's capacity on the Gulf Crossing Expansion Project should be directed to Mark Pyburn at 713-803-7883 or mpyburn@eprod.
Sherman, 52, is a Democrat who was first elected to Congress in 1996.
Whether Sherman had her explicitly in mind is not known to me, nor did I ever claim otherwise.
The team working on the account was: Sharon Sherman, partner; Teri Grove, senior account supervisor; and Laura Gustafson, account coordinator.
Early Detect and its subsidiaries, Sherman Biotech and PanProbe, strive to develop and successfully market treatments and detection tests that improve overall health and well-being.
I'm thrilled,'' said Sherman, who said he has known Kaplan for more than a year after the two met at a Washington, D.
Sherman knows that even the ham actor's phoniness becomes the instrument of a desperate need to affect an audience.
The Sherman School, which serves approximately 600 students in grades PK-8 from Chicago's Englewood neighborhood, will benefit from the team's numerous enhancements, including building a new teacher resource center, developing literacy areas, painting and mural projects and several landscaping initiatives, including the planting of an education garden designed by the Chicago Botanic Garden.
And shocked a Sherman Oaks community longing for the ZZ Top-like hot-rodder perched each evening with a copy of your favorite news mag or paper.
Cindy Sherman is the servant of Cindy Sherman, as Borges knew himself to be the drudge who wrote Borges's poems.
In the wake of today's volatile energy market, we understand the challenges educational institutions like the Sherman Independent School District face in managing the cost of their electricity.