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Francis J., Canadian surgeon, 1851-1929. See: Shepherd fracture.
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In order to examine the transposition of the "paradox of nothing's" form onto written text, let us now pass to the first visit paid by the shepherds and shepherdesses to the adjacent Temple d'Astree and Temple de l'Amitie in the labyrinthine forest of Bon-lieu.
The recordings, which date from 1970 and include some from people born in the 1880s, cover all aspects of life and include coal miners, beekeepers, teachers and shepherdesses.
For them he painted numerous paintings of nymphs, cupids and shepherds and shepherdesses, which are seen today as typical of French 18th century art.
While the chorus sang "Love triumphs," and Pygmalion reveled in his creation, Galatea (Sandra Simon) moved across the stage in the company of Cupid, several Graces, and a colorful collection of charmingly artful, even flirtatious, shepherds and shepherdesses.
They have gathered in the rural West Virginia town of Shepherdesses for the peace talks.
The conclusion of much of the critical work done on L'Astree (that of Ehrmann and Henein stand out as fine examples) is that the pursuit of love in the pastoral society is a quest encumbered by all sorts of unfavorable circumstances; readers have never failed to note that shepherds and shepherdesses, nymphs and princes alike are all beset by obstacles as they attempt to put into practice the abstractions of the philosophy of love that they continually discuss and refine.