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Francis J., Canadian surgeon, 1851-1929. See: Shepherd fracture.
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The two were also the only shepherdesses in the area.
We see played out, in addition to the expected encounters between noblemen and shepherdesses, wooing of ladies in gardens and of nuns, pastourelles which become malmariees, pastourelles featuring characters from the rondet de carole, pastourelles whose creative play with the intermix of lyric and narrative intersects with lyrico-narrative romance and leads directly to the stage.
Starting with the claim that shepherdesses have never existed in real life, Paden argues that their literary existence is merely metaphorical: "the abundance of shepherdess in medieval lyric is undeniably a literary effect, a stylization of reality.
Why should his readers complain, then, that his shepherdesses speak the sweet language of love rather than the coarse dialect of simple country folk?
The cast of 25 also includes an assortment of lords, ladies, shepherds, shepherdesses, wrestlers, clergy and a clown called Touchstone.
The chilling secret was passed on by three shepherdesses from the Portugese village after the Virgin Mary appeared to them in a vision 81 years ago.
These poems combine pleasing descriptions of the countryside of his native region with witty dialogues between shepherds and shepherdesses on the wiles of love.